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I was born with a creative soul. As a young girl I found serenity in putting my mind to work in crafting paintings, writings, music, sculptures, and designs.  Creating things filled me with inexplicable waves of eagerness, persistence, and restless excitement.


I was 17 when I began to channel my creativity through the art of makeup.  My inner circle would always comment that my makeup was beautiful, and they would ask for beauty makeovers. I quickly became infatuated and intoxicated  with the creative process and of course loved to make them feel beautiful.


By age 19 I was completely consumed by the art of makeup, I could think of little else, and was looking for a way to advance myself and perhaps start my own business.


With every penny I had, I attended 3 celebrity makeup classes in New York, Chicago, and Detroit to perfect my trade.

With complete devotion, I made the decision to pursue my passion further by launching my business and furthering my education.  I graduated from the Michigan Multimedia Makeup Academy as a certified Professional Makeup Artist in January 2017.

To date, I have been doing makeup for 10 years and counting. I continuously search for inspiration through different eras, fashion trends, and eclectic mixes. 

From an untamed night out, to a soft sexy chic day look;  I pledge to assist you in achieving various looks for any occasion. 

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